The following provides information on the tools I use within my soul-strategist practice the text in Italics indicates the training I have recieved.


Practitioner & Master Practitioner NLP - Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Paul McKenna
NLP In depth. 2 year training - Master Trainer NLP Michael Breen

Also known as NLP evolved from the work of Bateson and Erickson and created by Grinder and Bandler in the 70's is a remarkable approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy. A collection of both techniques and ideas for transformative change. NLP is used throughout the world both in Business and in both Personal Growth and is a major influence of Tony Robbins, a co-creator of Strategic Intervention.


Strategic Intervention SI Bootcamp - Mark & Magali Peysha
Strategic Intervention Certificate of Excellence - Mark & Magali Peysha
Personal Coaching Weekend - Coaching Academy

Also known as SI, it is both an understanding of the human psyche and practical strategies that allow for real experiential change. Derived from the work of Milton Erickson, and NLP, created by Tony Robbins, Chloe Madannes, and extended upon by Magali & Mark Peysha, SI offers practical strategies that create profound results.

In contrast to mainstream coaching as a Strategic Interventionist I do not take a backseat but actively and deliberately steer you in a direction that will lead to your desired results. Adaptable to the clients individual needs SI is flexible and effective.


Callahan Technique (TFT) Level 1 & 2 - Charles Stone
Callahan Technique (TFT) Advancement Course - Charles Stone

Created by Roger Callahan, TFT, often called an energy psychology is a non evasive tool used to treat in real time the emotional impact of experience, whether thought held in the mind is from the past, present or future.

A combination of stimulating energy meridians, eye movements and thought it sounds crazy yet I have had great success in diffusing fears, PTSD, phobias and such. The beauty of the Callahan Technique also known as Thought Field Therapy is that there is no need to discuss the traumatic thought just simply hold the thought in mind. There are many experiences simply too difficult and painful to communicate.


Hypnosis Foundation - Hypnosure, Patrick Farnsworthy
Hypnosis is widely used within NLP and with in its training, both eyes open and eyes closed processes. A person doesn't need to be in deep trance or 'asleep' to achieve results. Language and tone play a huge part within both coaching and hypnosis. I see hypnosis within the coaching environment more as accessing deep focus, deep emotional connection or effortless concentration. When any of these states are achieved the individual is more connected to the moment therefore less distracted and more welcoming to change.

Hypnosis allows communication with a deeper part of self, often difficult to reach in normal circumstances, without the usual 'mind' traffic. Within you is all you need to take care of all your challenges and hypnosis can allow easy access to these resources.


Centre of Excellence Online

A wonderful addition to my tools! Influenced by Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, MBCBT helps to break through the thought patterns that limit you and keep you within anxiety and sadness by trapping you either in the past or in anticipation of the future. MBCBT brings you back to the here and now through understanding your thoughts and emotions and making space within your mind where true healing can happen. MBCT actually alters the architect of the brain not only reducing anxiety but increasing enjoyment in everyday living!

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