Our imperfections and not knowing what lies ahead are all a part of what makes life exciting. The happiest beings are those who regardless of their struggles are willing to jump in to life with both feet!

Yeah, well maybe you start with a toe. I work best with those seeking happiness and are willing to keep at it. They are curious, challenge fears, question beliefs and labels, and are open to being vulnerable with a determination to be the best they can.

There is no "type" of client. I work with a diverse range of people, police, biochemists, purchasers, mothers, therapist, teachers and many more. Many of whom have experienced horrendous traumas and some not, just as some have a clear goal and some not, everyone is different. What they all have in common is they can answer yes to the following questions.

If you too can answer yes to the following questions then you can expect our sessions to provide real life results where we can embark on a journey together.

Are you coachable? Can you accept that there are things about yourself, about how you function, that you don't yet know? Are you curious and ready for these insights?

Will you lean on me? Be honest with me and yourself knowing you are not judged?

Coaching is a journey of self discovery, exploration of the soul. Do you want this enough to face the pain points and leave your comfort zone?

I already know that within you are the keys to your success. The more you reveal your authentic self the happier you will become. Can you embrace the out of the box strategies and techniques that can take you there?

Will you allow me to hold you to a higher standard until you are ready? I want you to live the life you want. In your weaker moment I will push you forward. Sometimes doing different is what is required. I have high expectations for you.

Will you commit to action? Strategic Intervention is not therapy, yes there is discussion, but action is what gets results.

If you would like to explore whether I am the right fit for you, go ahead, read this site and CONTACT ME  for a free discovery call. I look forward to meeting you!

I do not think of myself as a therapist, a psychologist, psychotherapist or providing health care. I do not diagnose or treat mental health disease. If you believe you may have these conditions then please seek the relevant professional attention. I am very happy to support you alongside this care. - Annie Salvador, soul-strategist