My Approach

We are fortunate to be unique. We are complex and multi layered beings, with our own journey, own strengths and our own vision of what an ideal life should look and feel like.

There is only one way to live life and that is your own. By knowing your life experiences, your heartache and your dreams, by welcoming your emotions, your drivers and your challenges, we can use this as a foundation upon which to build a compelling future that fulfills your desires and allows you to be the best of yourself. As I learn more about you, so too will you learn about yourself, creating self awareness and self assurance to move you confidently forward.

It's for this reason I love Strategic Intervention Coaching. There is no blue print, no expectations; I strategize only with what the individual brings. I will nurture, guide, and elevate the essence of who you are; together we will implement unique strategies that will have a profound effect in the quality and meaning of your life.

SI Coaching uses a systemic approach to help you accomplish your desired outcome. It takes in to consideration the dynamics within any life-zone, including relationships, communication, perception, accomplishments and goals. Despite obstacles or resistance, Strategic Intervention helps you to strategically and mindfully move towards living a life of authenticity, value and meaning.

Neuro Linguistic programming - NLP, is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy and is a collection of both techniques and ideas for transformative change.

Although deep trance hypnosis is rarely used as most coaching is not face to face, it definitely influences my ability to effectively communicate, my energy and the environment.

On occasion I may also use TFT (Thought Field Therapy) a therapy which works with emotions and energy. I have used successfully to move beyond emotional trauma, fears and stress and it is amazing for emotional recovery in real-time.

Know that your journey of self discovery is not a solo mission but a journey we take together. I am not here to judge you, but rather to use all your experiences as gifts, as a prelude for your amazing future. I am committed to working at your pace, to pointing you in the right direction, where you can both find and accept yourself and all you have to offer and live more genuinely in the now.

My coaching in general takes place over phone or Skype, whatever is most comfortable with the individual. Given that all strategies and techniques are easily talked through I find this is a great system. Many clients prefer not to be seen in person, so as to be less self conscious and more open. There is also the bonus of no travel time! Of course where location agrees, face to face coaching is possible.

Conferencing also allows me to work with clients throughout the world, working around time differences.

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