Do You Want Access To The Tools And Knowledge That Can Reprogram Your MIND and EMOTIONS And Start Living The Life that You Want?

Are you ready to challenge anything that stands in your way? If you were fearless, how would you be living your life?

Are tired of who you have become? Is NOW the time to start living authentically?

Do you wonder how much happier could I be; what fun could I have; how awesome life could be, if it all went right?

Do you worry you will look back on your life and ask

- DAMN! Did I waste my life?

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My name is Annie Salvador, I am a soul-strategist - a Strategic Intervention/NLP Coach with a toolbox of techniques, strategies and information from different schools of personal development designed to create lasting change. My mission is to help you conquer and live your souls intentions.

Did I wake up one day and decide, hey I think I know how people should live their life and I am the one to tell them? No, not at all! I had an experience, an experience so profound that it changed my whole existence and happiness in life and I want to share this with you.

It is no wonder that we can find ourselves unfulfilled and frustrated as life is a balancing act right? It is so long and yet so short. We hurry our days, spending so much time trying to get somewhere we forget to be pay attention and appreciate the moments along the way. We put things off, bury things in the past, go round in circles or are waiting for better moments in the future.

Most people live where their problems exist, rehashing, regretting, blaming the past and stressing about what might or might not be in the future, living everywhere except for here, now.

If you find yourself asking the above questions then you came to the right place for answers. It is questions like these that begin a journey in to unknown territory where new experiences and possibilities flourish.

If like millions across the world you are frustrated with your current circumstances, it is time for action! 

I asked these same questions. After a very trouble childhood I thought life was hopeless and I was helpless to change it. I truly believed it was over before it had begun and I was going no where fast. Today though I am at peace. I wake every day excited at what lies ahead - I have made my dreams my reality. I am a conqueror.

I would love the opportunity to work with you, to share my knowledge and experiences to create the answers you want, to your questions. You can live your best self, in this life-time. Are you ready to set the rules to win, and live a purposeful life of meaning. You DO deserve to experience more of the things that make you smile.

Take the next step, start the journey today and CONTACT ME

"The Purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose."    - George Bernard Shaw

​I’m not very good at asking for help, but somehow Annie came to my life to show me that a little bit of help doesn’t hurt, totally the opposite. I’m an avid reader and always look for the answers I need in books, somehow the books started telling me the answer where inside me and that is when Annie entered the picture.

She showed me how to find me, to look inside me for that wisdom waiting there to be heard. I couldn’t be more grateful with universe for putting her in my life. My perception is extending every single day. Thank Annie, I love the Karol I became and I Love you.

Karol, LA, USA

Are your problems wearing you and your friends out, as you keep trying to understand what to do? If so .. you need Annie. She has a sixth sense for seeing the heart of issues and the connected layers too. The diversity in her professional training is evident in her bag of tricks, so to speak. Annie is a natural in delivering what you need when you need it, when you don’t know what you need, in a way that works. She will not let you cave when you most need to grow, unlike what you’ve been doing so far. Annie’s persistence in helping me with my relationship has included looking at my business perspectives, stress and anxiety, and more. She remains undaunted. Where my lack of vision troubles me Annie sees clearly, and knows how to help.

June, FL, USA

I sought Annie’s guidance when I was suffering from anxiety linked to past trauma in my life. I had hit a wall in moving forward. Annie helped me cut the ties to my past and stop the anxiety triggers. In a very short amount of time I was able to move past issues I had spent years trying to resolve with other forms of therapy. Her approach was direct and no-nonsense, backed with a firm sense of her caring deeply for my well-being. Though my intensive therapy period only lasted several months, I continue to seek guidance and brush up on coping skills in all areas of my life with Annie, from time to time. She has given me the tools to navigate the difficulties we all face in life, from the day-to-day relationships, to the very hard times. She is my rock. I cannot recommend Annie highly enough, to anyone looking to move past trauma, to anyone looking to have a better understanding of their relationships and their place in the world, to anyone just looking to carry less stress, she can help.

Katie, NC, USA

Annie is amazing at tapping into the heart of the matter. I have always thought of myself to be extremely self aware, however she was able to get to a place inside me that I hadn’t explored. She is a phenomenal coach and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her​

Stacy, Canada

I had a lot of anxiety in my everyday life, more than I even realized. Annie connected all the triggers that made my anxieties bloom. Taking that information, she gave tools and exercises which I used to get rid of anxiety. Now, when I am in a situation that makes me anxious, I remember Annie's tools and can easily get back on the right path. Annie always has a calm energy and goes at a pace that is comfortable. She is very caring and supportive. I see Annie now, when I hit new challenges and she helps guide me through them. I have noticed a tremendous change since I first worked with her, and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Evey, NC, USA

As the first rays of light early in the morning start revealing the bits and crannies you just can’t see in the dark, Annie came into my life and loved me when I felt least lovable. I didn’t quite notice the impact she had in my life at first, all I knew is that I enjoyed being by her side for she always made me feel like she really understood me.

She is a wonderful human who little by little in-scripted in me new beliefs and accompanied me through my toughest times, with a positive outlook on what seemed at the time to be hopeless. It has been nearly 5 years since then, but i felt the progress from day one.

Annie, practiced many methods to help me settle my haunting self destructive behavior. She shined light into many post traumatic situations that with her guidance I was able to forgive and accept.

Today I have the life I never dreamed of having and Annie set the ball rolling in the right path for me. A true friend who never hesitated to share her own path with me and encouraged change and growth making me feel responsible for choosing to live the life I wanted.

I will always be grateful for having allowed her to impact my life the way she has.

Carolina Panama City, Panama

I was struggling to overcome nerves and stresses leading up to a structured promotion interview, I had previously failed this interview and I turned to Annie for help. She provided me with a way to tackle these nerves and from speaking to her and the coaching she provided I was able to approach the interview in a positive state of mind, confident and in control, suffice to say I successfully passed my interview thanks to the help and guidance from Annie . Thank you

John, Detective Sergeant, UK Police Force